Hi and thank you for visiting my website.  I love festive moments, I love weddings and life in general.  I am a positive person, confident speaker, careful listener and good communicator.  I enjoy life and would love to get involved in your big day.  


As a child I would be the one to take on the responsibility to organise the school events and would stand on stage hosting. 


Later in life I studied marketing and business and took on similar roles as at school, except for large international companies as Director of Marketing and General Manager. Today I work as the General Manager for a private school and kindergarten on Waiheke Island.


One day I was listening to a radio show about retirement and a man said: "Some people take on new meaningful roles, such as celebrants."  The penny dropped for me!  I wasn´t going to wait until retirement.  When I told people around me, the usual comment was: "That is so much you!"


Being a celebrant feels like a natural extension for me and it feels easy.


I have been a celebrant since 2015 and am a proud member of the Celebrants´ Association of New Zealand.

I live with my family on Waiheke island, a stunning wedding location yet close to Auckland city (35 min ferry ride).



Positive, energetic, honest, reliable, down-to-earth, driven, open minded, ambitious and caring.  I believe in the good in people and always strive to deliver optimal results.  

Public Speaking


I have always loved public speaking, starting as a kid.  

My 5-year management education (MBA) placed great emphasis on preparing its students for public speaking.  My 20-year management career has also very regularly put me in front of audiences of different sizes.

Personally I often get asked to talk at celebrations, including weddings.  

I really enjoy public speaking and always make sure I am well prepared.  


Working with people


I have always been socially very active and surrounded by many people, both personally and professionally. 

In my professional role I need to quickly be able to put myself into other people´s shoes, problem solve and motivate people to give their best. 

As a celebrant I want to get to know the couple in a short space of time, trying to understand their needs in order to translate those into a memorable and special ceremony.